6 Tips to First Sugar Daddy Dating

There is a popular saying that the best way to know someone is to go on a trip with him. Because you may encounter various of troubles or share countless unforgettable moments together. However, it is not realistic in sugar dating groups. First date is another form of travel in normal dating which help you to get a deeper impression on your potential sugar baby or sugar daddy.

But things will not go smoothly as you think. You may have troubles in questions as follows.

The first question, how long should you chat with each other before you get a first date?

About the timing to get a first date, there isn’t a fixed standard. Some suagrdaters decide to have a first date after chatting for a week or half a month, while some just talk for several hours. So we can tell that the timing is in your hand. It depends on your feeling to the person you may date with. If you think he or she may be a right choice, it doesn’t matter that how long you’ve chatted. But if you think it is too early for your sugar daddy or sugar baby to apply for a first sugar date, You can reject their suggestion politely. Of course, meeting them early is also a nice choice to avoid wasting time and feelings. In brief, the best and direct way to cut loss in time.

The second one,who should ask for a date first?

Either is fine. Whether a sugar baby or a sugar daddy advise to meet in reality, it will not make essential effect on your first sugar dating. In most cases, we think be active in a relationship is gentle men’s business. However, today is a day in 2019. Let’s be open-minded people in new age. An old saying goes in China that it is a piece of cake for a female to pursue a man. However, in sugar daddy dating, either part is coming for own benefits, so people behaved actively might get more chances. Don’t be shy, and just think about what you want.

The third, Where is an appropriate sugar dating place?

Tips about where to meet have been mentioned in other sugar daddy sites for hundreds of times.

You may not find something new here, but important points have to be remembered. For security, almost all sugar babies will make the choice of dating place, so sugar daddy just need to make sure its publicity. Another factor is the distance, even if you are in the same city, it may also be a long distance between your spots. Choosing the middle location as a meeting place is a considerate idea.


And the last one is appointing the date and the time to meet. Inappropriate date or exact time will also effect your first date experience. For example, If you haven’t reserve a table on Sunday afternoon in a coffee shop, you may stand face to face with awkwardness. Another little advice, if you’ve had many sugar dates, try not to meet the same place. It will be a strange and fun experience that meet different people at different place. You won’t easily get tired of it.

The fifth question, what can you do at the first sugar daddy dating?

In general situations, sugardaters will choose to something offers you time talk more at the first date since nothing can make you know someone better except communication. Therefore, go for a meal or grab a cup of coffee is a good option. And the duration depends on situations. If you two have a good conversation, you can go for a walk or grab a drink. If not, don’t waste each other’s time, just say goodbye and go home early.

As to the manner to say goodbye, be polite will never be a wrong choice.

The fifth one, who should pay the bill?

Definitely, there is no question about who should pay the bill for the first date. Sugar daddy do. Sugar daddy dating is a relationship that usually young females and old males seeking for mutually beneficial dates from each other. What girls looking for is money, compared to normal dating, girls are more weak on financial status, so sugar daddies will pay the bills automatically. If you meet a man who ask you to pay for bill or split the bill, decline him. Dating with sugar daddy like this type may have many quarrels on money.

The sixth, how can you know if there is another dating or not?

It is a question about the succeed rate of first sugar date. You must have a basic feeling about the date, will you wanna go further or not? In a direct way, do you make the deal that satisfy both of you? If your answer is “yes”, then you must concern about the other part’s opinion. Will he or she feel the same as you? Two methods help you figure out. One is as directly and the other is noticing the implications. For instance, a question like “We’ll see each other next time, right?” at the end of the date is a direct way.

Another one is a email like “Thanks for your company tonight, I had a good time. Lets’ do it often.” is a kind of implication that the date is almost succeed. Of course, if there is no next time invitation or any implication, that means a quiet refusal. And if your answer is “No”, you’d better choose to explain why you are not suitable for each other in a moderate way. However, some people prefer a clear attitude to things about personal relationship, so they may want to been declined. An polite explanation can show your respect and will not create an embarrassed atmosphere. Don’t ghost anyone.

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