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We share the latest news about sugar daddy dating and also helpful dating tips on our News and Tips block. We do this mainly for guiding newbies or sugardaters bothered by problems in sugar dating relationships. Such as a sugar baby’s first time to get into this group, then she may want to know how and where to look for a sugar daddy. Answers can be found here.

Why Would A Sugar Baby Feel Like to Be An Online-Only Sugar Baby?

Questions like Is it possible to be an online-only sugar baby spoke out some of sugar babies’ minds. Why would they feel like to be an online-only sugar baby? Reasons as follows…Read More

Sugar Baby Shares Her Experience To Having Multiple Sugar Daddies

Public was shocked by a news that a 18 years old girl has been dating with “six sugar daddies”in the same period. After learning more about the details, we knew that she is an university student in London who has to pay off her tuition fees. Dating with sugar daddies can earn £10, 8000 a month but she stressed that she only provide companionship without having sex…Read More

Views on College Students Involved in Sugar Baby Dating in London

Based on the growth of sugar daddy and sugar baby in London, especially more university girls entering these groups. We’ve questioned several passersby for their views about sugar daddy relationship. Let’s have a look at their ideas…Read More

What Does It Mean to Be a Sugar Baby?

It seems it is easy to be a sugar baby for a while if you are attractive with a good-looking appearance and a sexy figure. But it is difficult to be a long-term sugar baby even you have all amazing external conditions. Whether you are going to be a certain person’s sugar baby for several years, or you will experience different sugar daddy relationships…Read More

What Should I do When Sugar Daddy Asks for Bank Login Info?

What should I do when my sugar daddy is asking for my bank login info? It is safe to give my bank account number out? Do sugar daddy ask you to buy him apple gift card? How can I deal with these situations? Here are answers you may need now…Read More

How Can I Become an Online-only Sugar Baby?

Are you still seeking for answers to how can I become an online-only sugar baby? Are you wanna know the ways to find sugar daddies who are not interested in meet in reality? Here is the right place for you…Read More

2 Stories Tell You What Is the Best/Worst Sugar Daddy Dating Experience in UK?

After sending an invitation for sharing “your best /worst experience as a sugar baby in London”, we’ve received many enthusiastic responses. Thanks a lot. We picked two typical stories of them, and share with you after receiving their permissions…Read More

Six Tips to First Sugar Daddy Dating

There is a popular saying that the best way to know someone is to go on a trip with him. Because you may encounter various of troubles or share countless unforgettable moments. However, it is not realistic in sugar dating groups. First date is another form of travel in normal dating which help you to get a deeper impression on your potential sugar baby or sugar daddy….Read More