What Should I Do When Sugar Daddy Asks for Bank Login Info?

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As sugar baby dating is becoming popular recent years, people are jumping into the big sugar bowl one after another. Young girls come  for financial support, regular allowance, luxurious gifts, rich lifestyle or some just think it is fun and follow the fashion. Not all “Sugar daddies” come for caring companionship, loyal girlfriend experience or intimacy, some of them pretended to be a “sugar daddy”. Actually they came for sugar baby’s allowance.

Is there anything wrong? As we knew, sugar baby is a group of people who lack of economic foundation. They are possibly young girls who just graduated from school shouldering heavy debt for college education, or single moms who have to work all day to raise her child. They have no money, we thought, but they are also not so poor as we imagined. More ridiculously, sugar daddy is a group of people who never need to worry about money, so why they come for money? As we said above, these “sugar daddies “ are not the true ones, in other words, they are love scammers.

Fake “sugar daddies” create fantasy and promise luxury future life  for sugar babies, leading sugar babies step into the set trap. What are their common tricks? Two attentions that a new sugar baby need to know.

Do Sugar Daddies Ask for Bank Info?

Definitely NO. No bank login info. Real sugar daddy won’t ask for bank info. When your sugar daddy ask your for bank info, you have to decline him politely but uncompromisingly. Asking for your bank login info is a bold and direct hoax. Ignore his excuse like buying gift cards or open liquid cards, which could put your money into an unsafe situation.

Since modern payment tools are convenient for people’s daily life, such as Paypal, Venmo, and even Chase QuickPay. There is no reason that he need your account number, social security, or any logins. May be your sugar daddy is a old man, got used to traditional way of payment,  who would ask you for bank account number to transfer money to you, but why ask for login info?

Be on your toes, keeping your personal info discreetly.

Do Sugar Daddy Invite You to Join the Fastest Way to Be Rich?

ask bank info

No blind investment. Some sugar daddies are businessmen with a good sense in investment. However, you have to figure out that businessmen are really busy and they are seldom wasting time on adventures of limited prospects. Once they found out your idea of your product is worthy of attention, he would invest in you. No sugar daddy will covet the little money you have, cause they are rich enough, only scammers will.

The target group for scammers are beautiful girls aged 20 to 30, asking for high sugar baby allowance and always post different expensive gifts on social network websites. Scammers pretended as a handsome and rich sugar daddy, posting photos like doing sports without his face in gym, luxury cars only with his hands show up,or posting a video that he is counting a bag of money. Is a real sugar daddy really so leisure and boring to do things like that? Are they just lying on the bed and the money walking in his house automatically? Big capital Not.

Keep Away from Suddenly-Rich-Trap

Wake up, girls. They are just attracting your attention and give you a wrong illusion that he is rich and handsome, which is completely the type of sugar daddy you dream of. Then, the fraud would DM you first, message you like daily greetings, worry about your healthy and do all that until you think he is a caring and nice guy. Of course, he would ask your financial situation intentionally or otherwise, by the way, showing off how wealthy he is again. Usually, girls will not aware that there is something wrong. The next step, he will give you some money occasionally by excuses like buy yourself a cup of coffee, meals or little gifts which he can’t do for you since he is in other countries for work. After talking for a couple of weeks, It’s time to lure you into his trap.

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He may share you a good news that he earned an extra money easily, may be several thousand dollars. And two or three days later, he ask you for help cause he is too busy to manage his extra business for extra money. It is a stock trading platform, and he will teach you what to do on it. You’ll win one or two times with his guide, of course, using his money. And he will give the girl some money in return. You may guess what happened next. The girl is excited that it is so easy to earn money, and ask the fraud if she can join in. The result is obvious that she gets scammed. She will fail time after time, immersed in an imagination that she will win next time. All are fake, no stock trading platform, no caring sugar daddy, and no win.

Keep Your Feet on the Earth

How could this happen? The girl asks to invest in stocks by herself. Scammers are quite know about young women’s psychological demands. Young generation don’t want to work hard but want easily earned money. Frauds discovered this feature and set an overall plan.

Young generation is ambitious and crazy about the fastest way to be rich or famous. However, pay for what you what is a matter of course. We just saw people’s glossy moments and ignored the hard work behind them. What if you are a sugar daddy, what kind of sugar baby you would like? Think in this way, and you can walk out a smooth road for yourself. That is also a method of payment for a better life.

What we can help most is to provide a platform for you, meeting your financial supporter. We are making every effort to safeguard your safety in online sugar dating. Accept or not, it depends on you. However, we all believe you’ll make the correctness choice,cause our service are extremely excellent!

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