What Does It Mean to Be a Sugar Baby?

sugar baby

It seems it is easy to be a sugar baby for a while if you are attractive with a good-looking appearance and a sexy figure. But it is difficult to be a long-term sugar baby even you have all amazing external conditions. Whether you are going to be a certain person’s sugar baby for several years, or you will experience different sugar daddy relationships.

The young are fond of catching up with the trend. When sugar daddy dating is getting popular in UK, most college students join in this online dating group for fun or for excitement not really in need of help. They are the type of thinking being sugar baby is a soft touch. Actually, It is harder than you can imagine.  

Listen to girls’ opinions with real sugar daddy experiences.

1. With Enough Courage

Charlotte:“During two years as a sugar baby, I got deeply hurt and discouraged by humiliated harsh words from strangers. Even my mental healthy was affected for a long period of time. I became more sensitive even though someone seems just look at my direction saying something. Enough courage is necessary when you choose this way. Otherwise, you can’t be one of the sugar dating parties if you are afraid of what others think. ” Not only strangers, but also families and friends will hurt you knowingly or unknowingly. In brief, people who are not afraid of gossip could be the winner.

2. With Enough Passion

Human will get tired of continuous emotion consumption, especially when there isn’t much response.“The sugar daddy I met first is a quite lonely guy, and what he need mostly is to have someone can make him happy.”Victoria sighed, “I took him to experience many new things that is interesting I thought. But it is not match with him and he feel tired. Then, I suggested a dozen of activities fit for his age which still get a little reaction. Completely exhausted I felt from heart to body. I am nearly to give up after trying all I can do, however, I am a person who refuse to fail.”

One day, Victoria sat in the yard while her sugar daddy is gardening.“I just asked him several questions about gardening casually, and he shared me stories about plant diversity and the origin of their names. While he was talking, I could tell he is exciting from his passionate tone and light in his eyes. Finally, I understand that what he want is a good listener and companionship, no matter how much you know, he’ll tell you what he know.” She added,“We always want something special from others. Some will speak it out directly while some will express it in behaviors. Be more passionate and keep digging, you’ll finally get the right answer.”

3. With Enough Confidence

“You won’t believe this is me from a year ago.”Emma shows me a photo that a shy girl standing behind a group of people. But the girl sat in front of me is shinning with a brilliant smile. What happened? “At the very beginning, I just held the idea to have a try and created my account on SugarDaddyMeet.com. I chosen a nice pic as a profile photo and got many messages from strange men. I talked to some of them, and we had good communications. But after we met them in reality for once or twice, there is no response any more. I felt angry and sad, so I asked one of them for the reason. He told me that I am not what he expected. Not because of the pic but the shy and diffident personality.”

Afterwards, Emma changed a lot with a great effort, this experience shaped who she is now. Of course, she is quite popular among sugar daddies nowadays.

4. With Enough Circumspection

“I felt sorry for my sugar daddy because I once posted our photo on my Instagram account. And he was recognized by his friend which affected his life to some extent, but luckily, he is a single man, so I didn’t be slapped in the face by his unknown wife.”Sophia warned sugar babies that not show your sugar daddy’s privacy in public, such as photos, name or other terms without his permission. “He could be an influential person in a field, and keeping your sugar daddy relationship as a secret is also protecting your privacy and safety.”

5. With Enough Patience

“I knew some ambitious young women seeking sugar daddies as a mentor, a business partner or a investor. They have clear goals in their life and so do I.”Zoey is a 25-year-old woman graduated from University of London. She started a popular logo shop but became one of these small businesses that failed. And then she got into financial difficulties, finding a sugar daddy relationship helped her and supported her got small success.

“Young people are not patient enough that they are eager to seek for success through some extreme ways. Sugar daddies do help you in ventures but it is not a obligatory since you are beneficial financially. Show your enthusiasm, competence, value and decision if you really want to get help from others. Business is serious for sugar daddies and they would only invest someone who is worth it.”

There is no definite meaning of what is meant to be a sugar baby and no systematic methods of how to be a sugar baby. SugarBabyLondon.co.uk would try its best to provide useful and practical information for sugardaters regularly.

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