2 Stories Tell You What is the Best/Worst Sugar Daddy Dating Experience in UK?

After sending an invitation for sharing “your best /worst sugar daddy dating experience in UK”, we’ve received many enthusiastic responses. Thanks a lot. We picked two typical stories of them, and share with you after receiving their permissions.

Candy, a Canada girl who is 24 this year, shared her worst experience lasted for one year with us as a sugar baby in UK.


“I almost believed that we would get married.” Candy met Gene at a party. Two weeks later, they met again at another party. Actually, Candy is an amateur singer made her living by singing at various gatherings. Gene is a 38-year-old handsome man who looks younger than he is. “He said he was already attracted by my special voice at the first time. But I left before he haven’t been able to get my phone number.” Candy was moved by his words with a naive belief that this romantic meet is a sort of destiny.

After that day, Gene find kinds of reasons to ask Candy out. He bought her coffee, dinner, flowers, gifts and even pay her bills. Candy felt happy but also thought it was a little bit weird. Gene explained that he just wanted to show how much he loved her. So he was willing to be Candy’s sugar daddy and treat Candy like his sugar baby. Anything she can ask for. Just as Gene said that they were like all couples in reality, going to see movies, walking in the park hand in hand, and kissed in the street at night. However, delighted days never last long.

“I was blinded by his sweet sounds when I asked him why he never introduced his friends to me.” Candy said that they would talk everything except his families and friends. She found it is strange but Gene made up an excuse that his families lived abroad. Why not greet them via a video call? She haven’t thought about this before.

Candy dated with Gene for a whole year, and she wanted to marry him. She asked Gene if he would like to spend the rest life with her. “I can tell the shock and surprise from his facial expression but no happiness.” Candy suspected that Gene fell in love with others. They quarrelled much about this since then. “ Every month he would leave two or three days for work, and I never questioned about that. Very occasionally, I met he shopping with a woman in his age hand in hand in a department store. I couldn’t move even breathe cause the pain in my heart.” Candy had no courage to ask him face to face. So she sent him a text to ask why did he hurt her like this.

“He seemed to turn into a totally different person. He was always gentle and considerate to me. Since I found his secret that he has a wife, and he cheated her and me, he became irritable and bad-tempered.” Gene threatened Candy if she spoke it out, she would be revenged. “I could believe the man I love is a completely liar, a dye-in-wood asshole.”

“The best way to know what kind of person you are dating with is to see his reaction when he is irritated by something.” Maybe it is not a good way but It will be good for you. “ Be care of love scammers, they may not only stole your money, but also your heart and your belief of trust for love.”

No one can bear the one who lie to us especially those who loved.

Alisa, a local student lived in London told us her best experience as a sugar baby for six months.

She met her sugar daddy via a social website where someone pushed a sugar daddy dating site with a fantastic pic. Alisa was attracted by its description, so she clicked the link and created an account on it. Lingered on it for several weeks, she had a good communication with a man named Alex. Two months later, they became more closer. And they decided to meet each other in reality though they’ve seen via the camera call.

“ Frankly, I was a little bit nervous and worried at our first dating. But luckily, he is a very easy going and humorous person. He brought me flowers when he came. ”  As Alisa said, Alex is a extremely perfect sugar daddy who is half of UK sugar daddy’s gentleness and half of France sugar daddy’s romance. Occasionally, he would prepare kinds of little surprise for you and never make you feel embarrassed or dislike. And he always respected women’s ideas without any disdain. “He is the best one I ‘ve met before. Sometimes, I am thinking that If only he is my real boy friend. However, I can feel that he doesn’t like relationship with too much emotion attachment, and maybe that’s why he chosen to be a sugar daddy.”

The sugar daddy relationship between Alisa and Alex ended at the sixth month. Because Alex had to go to Italy for work for two years. Alisa sometimes would call him and told him her life, her new sugar daddy and her feelings. “ I really missed him sometimes, but I knew we are not in the same world. At that period of time, I was a little sad cause it seems like I just broke up with my beloved boyfriend. Fortunately, We are more like friends now., and I can ask him for advice to life and job.” 

Candy and Alisa both broke up with their sugar daddy, but the difference is Candy met a liar while Alisa met a real. We can’t define their experience as the worst or the best, only themselves can. Since to every individual, they may have different feeling to the same thing. Hence, we need to figure out the features between real online sugar daddy and the fake one, here is an interesting story and some tips for you.

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