Sugar Baby Shares Her Experience To Having Multiple Sugar Daddies

multiple sugar daddies

Public was shocked by a news that a 18 years old girl has been dating with “six sugar daddies”in the same period. After learning more about the details, we knew that she is an university student in London who has to pay off her tuition fees. Dating with sugar daddies can earn £10, 8000 a month but she stressed that she only provide companionship without having sex.

In recent years, sugar daddy relationship starts an upsurge abroad. Many female students are going to make money by looking for sugar daddies due to financial problems or luxury lifestyle. Sugar daddies will support them for intimacy or companionship, such as having sex, chatting online, going out for dinner, go travelling or just be together.

According to a report on The Mirror, the girl named Chloe, majored in psychology and neuroscience. She planed to take courses for a Master degree and a Doctor degree which could guide her to achieve her dream of being a clinical psychologist in the future. Hence, she find a way to complete her education without worries of tuition. Then she became a sugar baby via one of a sugar daddy dating sites during the summer before her freshman year. 

Chloe’s Story of Being a Sugar Baby

Chloe revealed that she joined the sugar daddy site not only because she had concerns for money, but also she was interested in this job. As a student, Chloe’s sugar dating times depended on her class schedule. If the examination is approaching, she would only meet no more than two sugar daddies a month. And if she had a holiday, she would date with 4 to 6 sugar daddies.  

The sugar daddies Chloe dated with aged between 35 and 50 years old. They are rich and a little famous in their fields, serving in New York’s financial business and the rich business in Britain. As Chloe said, she charged 1,500 to 3,000 pounds(about 7,485 to 14,9,9,9,000) from each of her sugar daddies. Since she start this job, travelling to other countries is a common thing.

“I’ve been to Greek with a sugar daddy, 35 years old, for work. He book a five star hotel for me and paid all my shopping bills.”Chloe told us,”I had no worries about money since I’ve dated with them. They would buy me luxurious presents, even text books. My relationships with them is platonic. Because we just enjoy being accompanied by each other, and we will not fall in love.” Chloe kept emphasizing that the compensation she repaid is only through companionship. She admitted that she also has a lot of worries since she started this job. she is afraid that she would not be understood by her friends and families. So she had to be cautious to hide this as a secret from them.

After talking to her, I have to admit that she is really attractive for not only her outlook, but also her inner world. That’s why she could date so many sugar daddies in a platonic relationship, I thought.

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