Why Girls Choose to Be An Online-Only Sugar Baby?

online sugar baby

Questions like Is it possible to be an online-only sugar baby spoke out some of sugar babies’ minds. Why would they feel like to be an online-only sugar baby?

The possible reasons:

No worries for personal safety

Most sugar babies are young women who are weak in strength, compared with men. So A sugar baby has lots of misgivings at the beginning in sugar daddy relationship. Even you may have seen their appearance or talked through a video call before you met, he is still a totally stranger for you. Because you know little about his background information so you can hardly figure what kind of person he is. Then you must be very cautious when you will go out to someplace you are not familiar with. Especially when there are only you two in an enclosed space.

If you are a cautious enough person, you will immersed in such a worried mood. Then you are impossible to enjoy your first dating. Your nervous conducts may be noticed by your sugar daddy, then his first dating feeling could be impacted either.

The influence of an uncomfortable first impression may last for several times during your sugar dating period. Definitely, you need some time to get used to a new relationship. And to learn more about your sugar daddy is good for calming down your anxious heart too. The whole journey could be tired for you two.

No worries for personal privacy

Meet in reality means there is a large possibility to come across your friends or families if you live in the same city with your sugar daddy. Troubles will ruin your life into a mass, such as friends’ incomprehension, relatives’ strong disagreements or acquaintance’s unkind words. You may has no courage to tell the truth, so you hide it carefully from them. Therefore, you can continue to pretend that nothing is happening. Because you think it is an unacceptable thing in their concepts. Hence, online-only sugar baby dating can provide you a totally safe space to eliminate your worries and get what you want.

No sex requirement

Sex requirement is the major reason that why people think sugar baby dating has no difference with prostitution. In fact, the two has essential difference in concept but the basic dating form of sugar daddy relationship is similar to prostitution. That’s the main reason why the public mixed them up. College students occupy a large portion of sugar baby group. Overseas students are also a part of it. Especially students from Asian countries, who grown up in a more conservative culture environment. It is difficult for them to accept the dating form that exchange sex for money. Of course, there are still many local young women are not so open when it comes to have sex with a stranger. Therefore, being an online-only sugar baby is a good choice for them.

Time saving

Many young women chose to be sugar babies for allowance or gifts, but they still have jobs to make a living. Online-only sugar babies is a good choice for university students and single moms who don’t have much time to stay outside. Because college students need to focus on their education and examinations, which will take them a large amount of time. And single moms have kids to take care of, so their schedule must be regular to match with their kids’ needs. Meanwhile, online sugar babies always stay in front of the electronic devices, which means no go- out needs. So make-up and clothes-choosing time were saved too.

Nevertheless, to be an online sugar baby is not as easy as you think. It also has unsafe elements, because you may be videoed by the devil sugar daddy sitting in front of another electronic device. And then, you may found your private pics and videos on a porn website without blurring your face.

Sugar daddy relationship is called“mutually beneficial relationship”, but which should also be “mutually respected” first. It is wrong to do something harmful or unkind to each other. Trust between two parties needs a long time to build but can be destroyed in several seconds.

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