How Can I Become an Online-only Sugar Baby?


Since sugar daddy relationship showed up, various forms of sugar dating sprung up. Discussion about being an online-only sugar baby is quite common recently. It is impossible to initially think about finding a platonic love or relationship in this industry. But today, becoming an online-only sugar baby is not out our of reach.  

Why Choose to Be an Online-only Sugar Baby?

Even though sugar babies can’t wait for tips about how to become an online-sugar baby, I still wanna say something before answering the question. Just a moment, please. Most young women or single moms clearly knew what kind of sugar baby they wan to be. However, some of sugardaters still have no clear idea of it. Friends who’ve read my articles before knew that I wrote a more explicit answer for you—Why Would A Sugar Baby Feel Like to Be An Online-Only Sugar Baby? I listed the reasons why women chosen it and risks that they may faced. Because you have to take all risks into consideration. Making sure of your safety is the basic and the most important thing ahead of anything you want to do. I hope you guys can make your proper choice on the way to seek sugar daddy dating.

Seriously, Can I Be an Online-only Sugar Baby?

Of course you can. Where there is need, there is a market.

Frankly, I find it is hard to believe this could happen. Because sex play an influential part in sugar daddy relationship. After I read a news that a college student dated with six sugar daddies at the same time, and the highlight is their dating didn’t include sex, then I try to believe this is actually exist.

Data from a related website proved that there is a very small percentage of sugar daddies who are not interested in having sex with their sugar babies. Since old people like sugar daddies who feel lonely in their age, but rich experience in life stolen much of their passion and energy. So they are not much keen on romantic relationship or intimacy anymore. What they want is someone can be their accompany but they might like to keep this as a secret. 

We all know it is dangerous to stay alone with a completely strange person, so we prefer to choose a more safe way such as only-meet online. Some old sugardaters have the same worries, so they also want webcam relationship with their sugar babies.

But How can I Be an Online-only Sugar Baby?

It seems there are a lot online-only sugar babies were wanted out there. However, finding someone who is interested in online-only relationship in reality is not an easy task. You need to have patience. There are three points bellow can help you get one efficiently.

First, get yourself an account on a suitable sugar baby dating site. 


If you already have one, that’s great. Don’t forget to highlight your requirements. And then you have to swipe a large amount of profiles, paying attention to their self-introduction. Pick out these read like “find companionship”,”need online sugar baby no meet”, “want a sugar baby who can always talk to me online”, “no sex” or something related to these. Add all profiles meet your demands into your favorite list and give them a rank according to your preference. Say hi to the first one and start your conversation. In this process, you need to get your point clearly that no meet in reality or no sex involved.

Why you’d better find online-only sugar daddy on sugar dating sites? Because they have more choices for you, and you can search anyone of your preferences. They would protect your privacy. More seriously, they will verify all members identifications which can keep scammers away from you.

Second, prepare your profile.

You’ve thrown out your demands, but you still need to learn deeper about what online-only sugar daddies really want. If it is an online talking, when is available for you? Always online or just a certain period of time?  And are you a good listener or will you two have a good communication? Write them on your self-introduction and get your advantages standing out. If they have a demand like sexual live play via the camera, can you accept that? And how can sugar babies avoid being videoed? Tell your sugar daddy that you need to wear a mask. You need to speak for yourself cause there are too many profiles can be swiped to left in a second. Fulfill your profile with eye-catching info to attract target sugar daddies is the best way to keep your profile stay long.

Finally, prepare your mind.


 Be an online sugar baby no meet could reduce a lot troubles. No worries about how to deal with problems happened in dating. No risks of personal safety. And almost no worries of found by relatives or friends in reality. However, there are still something need to care about. Last but not the least, no matter in which form of sugar dating, sugar babies have to be honest and loyal. No one likes lies and being betrayed. Don’t think it can be treat casually for its causal form. Just think it is a kind of job, so you should keep your professional ethics.

Do you seriously think that you wanna be an online-only sugar baby? Though it has more advantages than the typical one, you need to choose the most important edge for you. Sometimes, online interactions have more fun and create more intimacy for people enjoy mental excitements. Thus, you needn’t worry too much when money come easily. Because your time also costs no matter where and how it was used. Anyhow after settling your mind, you need to find a good sugar dating site, create a target profile and prepare you mind. Only try your best, you can make it.

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